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Related article: Map 19 Geographic Xenical Purchase distribution of Lonchocarpus sericeus Plate XX Xenical Cheapest Luehea paniculata Mart. A. Cross section of flower B. Cheapest Xenical Detail of anther Xenical Online Buying Xenical C ' Gynoecium D. Floral bud . Cross section of ovary Buying Xenical Online (From Ratter, J.A. et al. exsiccate 930 and 151 Online Xenical Xenical 120 UB) XX-1 Herbarium specimen, University of Brasilia Map 20 Geographic distribution of Luehea paniculata Page Xenical On Line 117 122 128 134 139 Plate XXI Maytenus buchananii A. Flowering Xenical Cheap branch B. Fruiting branch C. Flower D. Fruit Map 21 Geographic distribution of Maytenus Buy Online Xenical buchananii Plate XXII Purchase Xenical Mitragyna Buy Xenical ledermannii Cheap Xenical (K. Krause) Ridsd. A. Xenical 120mg Leaves B. Flowering shoot C. Flower (enlarged) D. Fruits (After Keay e_t Xenical Buy Online aj.. 1960) Xenical Uk XX11-1 Herbarium specimen of dried Order Xenical leaves Map 22 Plate XXIII Page 149 155 Geographic distribution of Mitragyna ledermannii Myroxylon Xenical To Buy Xenical Order peruiferum 162 A. Longitudinal section of flower F B. Gynoecium G C. Detail of calyx H